Tom Brown is an emerging artist based out of Calgary, Canada. The foundation of his practice is a series entitled Feeding the Masses: a unique blend of interactive performance and intricate fabrication, creating dense and fascinating experiences for both the audience and the artist.  

Tom recently graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design and has participated in a number of exhibitions throughout his education, culminating most recently in his first solo exhibition, 28 Rocks. Tom envisions his work as a tool of communication especially given art’s ability to transcend time and context. His work looks at perception, namely the difference between our perceived and actual reality, focusing on the vessel of perception, the body.

Highlighting the dynamic between interactivity and inclusivity through absurd contrasts of scale and intricately crafted objects, Tom invites us to step outside of normal boundaries, and view the body in a new way: as a contraption, a giant, an embedded object, or an imperfect observer.