60 Second Docs

So, I was recently featured in a short documentary made by the production company behind 60 Second Documentaries. The video was filmed while I was on a road trip/tour, and was passing through LA. I met up with their resident filmmaker, Chris Stoudt, and we filmed a performance on Abbot Kinney boulevard. It was a whirlwind of excitement, professionalism, nerves and good spirits, and in the end it felt like we had the makings of a great piece. 

I set off, continuing my journey, expecting the Doc to be released in a few months time. To my surprise, three days later it was released. I was to be driving for the next two days straight, without access to the internet, with mild expectations for how the video would be received. My next access to the internet was a grocery store in southern Oregon, and when I connected to their wifi, a flood of messages and notifications came in to my phone. George Takei had shared the video, and it had 2.8 million views. It was jawdropping, heart-stopping, and I had to take some time to gather myself before I could continue on the road. I am so grateful for the way this all turned out, and I am most grateful to all of the people who have given me support over the past year. The hundreds of hours spent in the studio are enriched by the knowledge that I am sharing the joy that I experience in making these things with others. Thank you all, and here's to another year of sharing the joy.