Travelling with the Kitchen

As many of you may be aware, the kitchen and I recently went on a trip. This is always a tense matter for the both of us. The kitchen is small enough that it can travel with relative ease, however it definitely presents some problems when flying. In the past, I have packed the kitchen in hard-sided luggage, with a great deal of cushioning. This seems to protect it suitably well, it usually arrives intact, with minimal (though still some) damage. This time, things were different. This trip found me preparing for Burning Man: I had to bring all of the necessary gear with me on the plane, so I used a larger duffel bag to pack. I situated the kitchen in the middle, and packed all of my gear around it, which seemed sufficient to protect it. When I arrived in Austin, it was pristine. The same was true for my flight to San Fransisco- no damage. I packed it the same for the flight home, however the end result was very different. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:


Sooooo… I felt terrible, like I had let the kitchen down, something that has done so much for me. I vowed to never put it on an airplane again outside of hard luggage, and I owed it some reparations:


I have repaired, cleaned and upgraded many aspects of the structure of the kitchen. Some of the failings of my initial craftsmanship have been addressed, such as the chronically weak side joints of the main box. It feels as though the kitchen has had new life breathed into it, and had inspired me to reflect on the many lives of the kitchen, the different variations, and with excitement to dream about the future details that have yet to come to pass.