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Each participant may paint one board. If you have interested friends, feel free to request one for them as well!
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Welcome to Project Starting Small. Anyone is welcome to participate in this project. Together, we will share in exploring the creative possibilities of a reconsidered canvas, in the form of miniature skateboards, as well as the idea of collaboration, collectives, social networks, and what it means to be an artist. We would love to have you!

The rules for this project:

  1. We will send you a skateboard. You will paint/collage/sketch/draw/doodle/illustrate/transfer/print/burn/experiment/whatever your creative heart desires, and return the board.

  2. Each person will paint one skateboard. If you choose to accept more than one skateboard, you will distribute them to your friends or colleagues who wish to participate, collect them, and return them.

  3. Participation implies consent to have your images displayed (with full credit) both on social media and in a real life context.

  4. All participants will be credited equally, and their work will be posted on the official @projectstartingsmall social media platforms.

  5. This project is purely not-for-profit, costs you nothing beyond the cost of return postage, with the possibility of a future sale of the work benefiting a charitable cause.

  6. The project retains ownership of the skateboard, and any imagery you provide for the project, though you retain the rights to reproduce any imagery associated with your participation.

  7. This is a community project. Please keep this in mind. Our #1 goal is to create a platform for open expression, which includes creating a welcoming environment via the art we display.

  8. These rules are subject to change as the project evolves.

Starting Small explores the connected web of our social networks via the playful lens of a skateboard deck. Since the beginning of skateboarding, the blank canvas of the skateboard has been explored as a surface for creating art, echoing the playfulness, subversive spirit and DIY nature of the sport. Each skateboard is lovingly handcrafted in miniature by me, as a reflection of my own practice. The collaborative nature of this project in intended as a way to open the door to participation in a large scale artistic project to as many people as possible. It is my belief that everyone is an Artist, and this project is an opportunity to explore that possibility.

The boards are made in miniature as a reflection of my own practice as a miniaturist. They are easy to ship, quick to paint, and the changes in attention, perception, technique and creativity which working on an intentionally small scale allows for have the power to create a new perspective, be it on an artistic practice, or something else! It is my desire to share the experience of working this way with as many people as I can.

Overall, goal of this project is to gather a large collection of painted skateboards, that will be displayed alongside each other on social media @projectstartingsmall, as well as on my page @tombrowncreates. In the future, these works will be displayed in the format of a group show, with the intention of creating a travelling exhibit. But like the name implies, we are starting small!

To anyone who chooses to take part in this project: thank you, I cannot wait to see what you do with it, and I hope you have fun!

Tom Brown

starting small.png